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New Coding Fundamentals Module

Posted On: 1/11/20

Teachers have told us that it's tough to introduce students to coding and programming. This is especially true for teachers who aren't familiar with coding themselves!

To help you teach these concepts and skills, we developed a new Coding Fundamentals module!


What's Included in Coding Fundamentals?

The Coding Fundamentals module contains 8 curriculum hours of content across:

  • One exploration activity
  • 10 student lessons
  • One reflection activity
  • Two reinforcement activities
  • Three unit quizzes
  • One module test

Many of the digital lessons include mini-projects where students will complete coding tasks using a drag/drop coding language.

Students won't use a specific programming language like HTML, Python, or JavaScript. Instead, the module focuses on the core concepts that help students understand coding as a whole. By learning these core concepts, students will be able to apply them to a variety of programming languages in the future.

Want to see the details? Log into your AES account to start using the Coding Fundamentals module today!


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