February 2020 Gradebook Improvements

Posted On: 2/15/20

Teachers have shared their thoughts on how well the gradebook was meeting their needs and the different challenges they faced when using it.

Four of the most common comments we heard were:

  • “I have to scroll past a lot of white space to see any information.”
  • “This is showing the average of the student’s work. I want to see the grade students earned on a quiz and test.”
  • “Is there a way to export grades?”
  • "There’s a lot to see here. I’m not sure what I’m looking at.”

To make the gradebook more effective and useful, we've made some changes!


What Changed in the Gradebook?

Our focus with this release was to improve the layout and usability of the gradebook.

Some items you'll be excited to find include:

  1. The column headings with module titles are more compact so you can see more data at a glance
  2. Column headings are now clickable to allow faster navigation
  3. A module dropdown was added so you can quickly choose a module to look at
  4. Icons were improved so you can see when a module is completed, when grades are not present, and when a student earned a zero
  5. An Export button has been added so you can quickly download grades into an Excel spreadsheet
  6. A Refresh button was added so you can make sure you're looking at the most up-to-date student information at any point in time
  7. Display options for choosing points/percentages were moved into a popup window to take up lesson space on the screen

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