Improvements to Reports & Exports

Posted On: 2/15/2020

Teachers are required to provide various reports and measurements of students' progress to their administrators. But knowing how to find that information and best use it can be overwhelming.

To help you access the information you need, there are several reports within the AES system you can use:

  1. Status Report
  2. Pre/Post-Test Report
  3. Question Analysis Report
  4. Time Online Report

Some of these reports are new and others have been relocated for better accessibility.

1. Status Report

The Status Report is a new way for you to view student performance and the status of ungraded work in your classes.

It shows this information at both a class level and student level, with options to export the specific data you want to dive into.

To learn more about the Status Report, view the update page and Help Center article.

2. Pre/Post-Test Report

The new Pre/Post-Test Report will allow you to quickly see how your students' knowledge has improved after completing a module.

The report specifically shows the percent increase in test scores from the pretest to the module test.

To learn more about the Pre/Post-Test Report, check out the Help Center article.

3. Question Analysis Report

The Question Analysis Report has been relocated from the Overview tab to the Grades tab.

With this report you can see the breakdown of how your students are performing on the questions within an assessment.

This allows you to see if there are certain topics your students excel or struggle with.

For a refresher on the Question Analysis Report, head to the Help Center article.

4. Time Online Report

The Time Online Report has been relocated from the Overview tab to the Grades tab.

This report shows you the amount of time your students spend working within the AES system.

That means you have a snapshot view of who really logged in to do the work and how much time they spend viewing the content outside of class!

To learn how to use the Time Online Report, read the Help Center article.

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