The Status Report

Posted On: 2/15/20

You've been asking how you can check to see if students are completing the assignments in your classes.

To help you better find this information, we've updated some features within the Grades tab.

Introducing the Status Report Page!

The Status Report page is an improved version of the Student Details screen. It includes all of the details you need to view the assignment completion status for your students.

You can view and export this information in two ways:

  1. By class
  2. By student


1. Class Status Reports

From the Class Status Report view, you'll be able to easily see the following information for every student in your class:

  • Average grade for all assignments
  • Number of modules completed
  • Number of quizzes completed
  • Number of worksheets completed

2. Student Status Reports

From the Student Status Report view, you'll see the following information for a specific student:

  • Status for ungraded, interactive lessons
  • Grades for unit quizzes, module test, and custom exams
  • Number of questions answered in the electronic worksheets


Want to learn more? Start by reading this article in the Help Center. Then log into your AES account to see your students' progress!

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