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New Units on Diabetes and Asthma

Posted On: 7/18/20

The Diseases and Disorders module has been updated with two new units focused on asthma and diabetes. The Diabetes and Asthma units will cover an introduction, etiology, pathology, presentation, diagnosis, treatment and prognosis of both diseases.

Why Did AES Add Units on Diabetes and Asthma?

The Diseases and Disorder module is intended as an extension of the Anatomy and Physiology module. By teaching students about diseases and disorders, they learn more about the human body and body systems. Each disease or disorder within the module provides opportunities to
further your students’ understanding of anatomy and physiology.

Both asthma and diabetes are widespread diseases that can affect anyone of any age, race, or environment. Your students likely know someone that lives with one of these diseases, so they are very relatable diseases to study.

What's Included in These New Units?

Diabetes 2

Unit: Diabetes

In the Diabetes unit, students will be introduced to diabetes. They will learn the types of diabetes, a brief history of the disease, why diabetes happens in the body, how it is treated, and how patients diagnosed with the disease can lead healthy, happy lives.


  1. Introduction to Diabetes
  2. Etiology and Pathology
  3. Presentation and Diagnosis
  4. Treatment and Prognosis

Unit: Asthma


In the Asthma unit, students will learn about asthma as they review its definition, history, causes, and how asthma affects the respiratory system. They will understand the etiology, pathology, presentation, diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis of asthma.


  1. Introduction to Asthma
  2. Etiology and Pathology
  3. Presentation and Diagnosis
  4. Treatment and Prognosis

How Do I Add These Units to My Classes?

The Diabetes and Asthma units were added to the Diseases and Disorders module. If you already have a class with this module included, it has been automatically updated for you.

If you don't have this module in your classes, or are new to using AES, review the article below that's most relevant to your situation:


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