New Behavioral Health Module

Posted On: 7/18/20

Why Teach Behavioral Health in Health Science Classes?

Behavioral and mental health are increasingly important topics for healthcare workers to be familiar with. Because of its importance, behavioral health can be found on several certifications and standards, including the National Health Science Standards.

The Behavioral Health module educates health science students on common diseases/disorders categorized in this area.

It will also provide students with the skills needed to take care of themselves, friends, family, and clients in a healthcare environment.


What's Included in the Behavioral Health Module?

The Behavioral Health module exists to help students gain some knowledge of various behavioral health issues, develop a better understanding of what sufferers might be experiencing, and prepare to handle subsequent issues with patients in the workforce.

In total, the Behavioral Health module contains 9 curriculum hours of content across:

  • 1 exploration activity
  • 11 student lessons
  • 1 reflection activity
  • 2 reinforce activities
  • 3 unit quizzes
  • 1 module test

To see the details of these items, view the Behavioral Health catalog page.

How Can I Add the Behavioral Health Module to My Classes?

The Behavior Health module is located in the Healthcare Foundations section of the curriculum.

Read the article below that's most relevant to your situation:

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