Google Single Sign-On (SSO) Integration

Posted On: 7/18/20

The AES login screen has been updated to provide better clarity and usability for you and your students.

In addition, you and your students can now log into AES with your school's Google Classroom accounts!

What Is the Google Single Sign-On (SSO) Integration?

The Google SSO integration allows teachers and students to access AES by using their Google Classroom credentials.

SSO uses your initial login to a system like Google, encrypts it for security, then uses the token to access the AES system without the need for another username or password.

How Does Google SSO Help Me and My Students?

Using Google SSO will help decrease the number of login issues your students face during the school year.

That's because your students don't need to remember their username or password for AES - they simply use their Google account!

How Do I Set Up the Google SSO Integration?

To use the Google SSO option, the email you use for AES must have an associated Google account.

It takes two steps to log into AES using your Google account:

  1. Log into your Google account
  2. Click the "Sign In With Google" button

Click here to learn more about enrolling your students using Single Sign-On: How to Enroll Students

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