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Game on Reading Analog Medical Devices

Posted On: 7/18/20

Why Teach Students About Using Analog Medical Devices?

With so many advancements to healthcare technology, you're likely wondering why AES has created a new game focused on analog devices.

While medical technology has afforded healthcare providers with digital equipment that makes obtaining and monitoring vital signs easier and less time-consuming, it’s still important for students to learn how to read these analog devices.

We've heard from many teachers and healthcare professionals that state and national certification and/or licensing exams have not completely phased out test questions regarding the use of these instruments, and unfortunately, it’s also an area where students are struggling

What's Included in the Reading Analog Devices Game?


The Reading Analog Devices game is listed as Unit 6 in the Client Status module.

In the unit, students will play a learning game to gain practice in reading and recording measurements from:

  • A glass thermometer
  • A balance beam scale
  • The gauge of a sphygmomanometer

Students begin by going through a tutorial that shows them how to read a glass thermometer, balance beam scale, and sphygmomanometer.

Once they have completed the tutorial, students are given a set of 8 patients, all of whom need their temperature, blood pressure, height, and weight recorded using analog instruments.

Students will recall what they've learned in the tutorial to read and record each patient's measurements using the analog tools.

While using physical instruments and practicing on real people is still the best way to learn, the Reading Analog Devices game is a great supplement when hands-on training isn’t an option.

How Can I Add This Game to my Classes?

The Reading Analog Devices game has been added to the Client Status module. If you already have a class with this module included, it has been automatically updated for you.

If you don't have the Client Status module in your classes or are new to using AES, review the article below that's most relevant to your situation:

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