Health Science Media Update for Diversity and Inclusion

Posted On: 9/12/20

Last month, we updated three modules to improve the diversity, equality, and inclusion in the images within the curriculum.

With this release, we've updated the media and photographs in seven additional health science modules:

How Will This Update Impact Your Students?

These updates won't affect the curriculum content your students work through. However, they can leave a hugely positive impact on your students.

As they work through the lessons, your students will see a reflection of the type of diversity, equity, and inclusion they will encounter among their peers, co-workers, and patients.

On top of that, your students should be able to see a representation of themselves and their personal career aspirations reflected throughout the lessons.

What Do the Media Changes Look Like?media-update-diversity-inclusion

Across these seven modules, we updated more than 150 images in order to depict:

  • More young professionals
  • More male nurses
  • More female doctors
  • More females in leadership roles
  • Increased representation of race and ethnicity
  • Improved representation of diverse people and families
  • And more!

In addition, the media in these modules now feels fresh and modernized, making the curriculum more relatable for your students.

While we recognize there is always room to make regular progress in this area, we're excited for these changes as we strive to continually improve the quality of your curriculum.

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