Student Activity Report Improvements

Posted On: 10/31/20

The Student Activity Report is a great way to keep track of what your students are completing within the AES system - especially if you're teaching remotely.

However, teachers have told us it wasn't always easy to find the information they were looking for. Based on your comments and suggestions, we've made a number of updates to make this a more effective feature while saving you time!


What Changed with the Student Activity Report?

Our goal was to address the common challenges you faced when trying to review your students' work.

To make things easier for you, we made three major changes to the Student Dashboard screen and the Student Activity Report screen:


1. Student Activity Report Button

Previously, to view a student's activity report you needed to view the student and then scroll down to the "Recent Activity" section. This took teachers extra time and cause some frustration for those of you who didn't know to scroll.

With this update, you'll now see a yellow button in the top-right corner of the selected student's dashboard.

By clicking this button, you can quickly access the activity log of any student in your class.



2. Student Activity Report Filters

To help you more quickly find the information you're looking for in the Student Activity Report, we've added filters for:

  • Time frame
  • Type of action
  • Class
  • Teacher

These filters will help save you time when sorting through your students' activity data.


3. Student Activity Report Exportstudent-activity-export

Wish you could print or save a students' activity information to share with parents or administrators? Now you can!

From the Student Activity Report screen, you'll now see a yellow button in the top-right corner. By clicking this button, you'll generate a PDF version of your student's activity.

The exported data will match exactly what's on the screen based on the filters you've chosen at the time of the export.


Ready to start using the updated Student Activity Report? Click here: How to View Your Students' Activity in the AES System

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