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New Banking and Finance Module

Posted On: 10/31/20

Why Did AES Create a Banking and Finance Module?

Unless you are passionate about numbers and economics, teaching banking and finance topics isn't easy - especially in introductory business classes.

AES has already tackled some topics surrounding personal finance in the Personal Financial Literacy module. However, teachers told us those lessons weren't helping them address the bigger picture of how money works.

Based on conversations with teachers like you, and by reviewing foundational business education standards, we discovered a need for a module focused on the basics of banking and finance!

With this new module, our goal is to make banking and finance topics easy to understand and relevant to an age group that may not assign much importance to having financial knowledge.

What's Included in the Banking and Finance Module?

The Banking and Finance module introduces students to the foundations of banking and finance. Students will investigate financial terms and concepts related to the banking, finance, and insurance industries.

In total, the Banking and Finance module contains 11.5 curriculum hours of content across:

  • 2 exploration activities
  • 7 eLearning lessons
  • 1 reflection activity
  • 2 reinforce activities
  • 2 unit quizzes
  • 1 module test

To see the details of the activities and lessons, view the Banking and Finance catalog page.

How Can I Add the Banking and Finance Module to My Classes?

The Banking and Finance module is located in the Business Fundamentals section of the curriculum.

To add the module to your classes, read the article below that's most relevant to your situation:

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