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Updates to the Sign In Page and Student Enrollment Process

Posted On: 2/13/21

As a teacher, you know student sign in issues are all too common - even if a student was able to sign in yesterday, there’s no guarantee they’ll remember what to do today! 

On top of that, student enrollment has been a sticking point for both teachers and students as a new semester begins.

To make it easier for you and your students to access AES, we made five improvements to the system:

  1. New User Selection Page
  2. Sign In Error Messages
  3. Password Reset Changes
  4. New My Classes Screen
  5. Enrollment Process for Students Under 13

On this page, we’ll answer your questions about what’s changed and how it will help your students.

Let’s dive into the details!

1. New User Selection Page

Previously, when you or your students visited, you saw the sign in form.

Now the first page you’ll see is the User Selection page, where individuals identify whether they are a student or a teacher:


This selection page will give teachers like you a more streamlined path to sign in. It also provides a clearer experience to your students for both signing in and enrolling in classes.

Note: If you are a teacher who uses a student account to review from their perspective, you will need to select “I am a Student” to continue accessing the system with that account.

2. Sign In Error Messages

We’ve also made some changes to help students who are having trouble signing in.

The Student Sign In page now informs your students what was entered incorrectly:

sign in error message

These messages about mistyped emails/usernames and passwords will help students understand what they need to fix in order to sign in. 

This will allow your students to better help themselves before resorting to asking you for help!

3. Password Reset Changes

Another important update is that students will no longer be able to reset their own passwords.

Teachers have told us their students didn’t always receive the password reset notification, which caused confusion and frustration for everyone involved.

Students will now be prompted to contact their teacher to get their password reset:

forgot password message

Don’t worry, resetting a student’s password is quick and easy on your end. Learn more: 4 Steps to Reset a Student’s Password

4. New My Classes Screen

Once in their AES accounts, students will see a new My Classes screen, which lists every AES class they are enrolled in:


This will save your students time when switching from one class to another. No more needing to sign out and back in!

It's a game-changer for students with existing accounts, as they can enroll directly from their My Classes screen.

Related Resource: Enrollment Instructions to Share with Your Returning Students

The My Classes screen is also a first look at what’s to come with the new student interface later in 2021!

5. Enrollment Process for Students Under 13

The enrollment process is now more clear for students under 13 who do not have an existing AES account.

For your students’ security and to adhere to the Federal Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) Law, AES cannot accept personally identifiable information (PII) from children under 13.

To prevent students under 13 from sharing personal information, they are prevented from creating an AES account on their own:


In accordance with COPPA, teachers are required to manually enroll students under 13 and we recommend you inform parents about the use of our digital resources. 

Learn more about enrolling students under 13.


Have questions about what changed? Head to the Help Center to send us a chat!



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