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Emergency Medical Technician Curriculum Updates

Posted On: 8/1/21

Healthcare standards and procedures change on a regular basis, and your EMT curriculum needs to keep up!

This year, we worked with subject matter experts to review the Emergency Medical Technician curriculum to ensure the content is in line with new AHA guidelines and the National EMS Education Standards.

What Changed in Emergency Medical Technician Curriculum?

With this update, you’ll find changes to five modules across the EMT curriculum:

  • Airway EMT
  • Medical EMT
  • Patient Assessment EMT
  • Shock and Resuscitation
  • Trauma EMT

Below you’ll find the detailed list of what changed with this release.

Updates to the Airway EMT Module

Based on recommendations from a subject matter expert, we made minor updates to two units in the Airway EMT module:

  • Unit 2: Artificial Ventilation
    • Lesson 5: Cricoid Pressure - Updated image of the Sellick maneuver
  • Unit 3: Respiration Management
    • Lesson 2: Supplemental Oxygen - Minor update to remove a sentence regarding oxygen’s flammability
    • Lesson 3: Nasal Cannula - Minor update regarding when a nasal cannula is useful

Updates to the Medical EMT Module

In the Medical EMT module, you’ll see minor changes to two units based on recommendations from a subject matter expert:

  • Unit 2: Respiratory Emergencies
    • Lesson 1: Respiratory Emergencies - Updated information on pulse in hypoxic children
  • Unit 9: Poisoning Emergencies
    • Lesson 1: Poisoning - Updated Check Your Knowledge questions

Updates to the Patient Assessment EMT Module

With this release, you’ll find minor changes to two units in the Patient Assessment EMT module:

  • Unit 2: Primary Assessment
    • Lesson 1: General Impression - Updated content to reflect current patient primary assessment requirements
    • Lesson 3: Airway and Breathing - Removed a confusing scenario from the lesson
    • Lesson 4: Circulation - Updated instructions for evaluating capillary refill in pediatric patients
  • Unit 5: Secondary Trauma Assessment
    • Lesson 2: Secondary Trauma Assessment - Updated instructions for sucking chest wounds
    • Lesson 2: Secondary Trauma Assessment - Updated information on Markle test

Updates to the Shock and Resuscitation Module

The Shock and Resuscitation module is where you and your students will see the most new and updated content with the EMT curriculum changes.

The eLearning lessons and skills checklists were updated in four units of the Shock and Resuscitation module:

  • Unit 2: Resuscitation
    • Lesson 1: Chain of Survival - Updated the Chain of Survival to reflect changes from the AHA
  • Unit 3: Basic Adult CPR
    • Updates based on changes from the AHA, including using a barrier device, breaths, and instructions regarding bulky clothing
  • Unit 4: Pediatric CPR
    • Updates based on changes from the AHA, including using a barrier device, breaths, and instructions regarding bulky clothing
  • Unit 5: Airway Obstructions
    • Updates based on changes from the AHA, including using a barrier device, breaths, and instructions regarding bulky clothing

Updates to the Trauma EMT Module

In the Trauma EMT module, four units were updated based on feedback from teachers and subject matter expert reviews:

  • Unit 1: Bleeding
    • Lesson 2: External Bleeding - Updated instructions for direct pressure
    • Lesson 2: External Bleeding - New information on the use of tourniquets as a method of bleeding control
  • Unit 2: Soft Tissue Trauma
    • Lesson 2: Closed Soft Tissue Injuries - Removed a Check Your Understanding question
    • Lesson 3: Open Soft Tissue Injuries - Removed references to cellulitis and septicemia
  • Unit 3: Chest Trauma
    • Lesson 3: Closed Chest Wounds - Updated information on using positive pressure ventilation as a treatment for flail chest
  • Unit 6: Head, Face, and Neck Trauma
    • Lesson 3: Eye Trauma - Updated symptoms
    • Lesson 4: Neck Trauma - Updated symptoms

What Do Teachers Need to Do?

These modules were automatically updated to reflect the new AHA guidelines and additional changes. If you already have a class with any of the updated modules included, it has already been updated for you.

Most of the changes to the EMT curriculum have minimal impact on you and your students.

However, if you downloaded or printed any materials from the Shock and Resuscitation module before August 1, 2021, you may need to redownload them. This includes:

  • Skills checklists
  • Printed worksheets
  • Printed worksheet sample answers
  • Quizzes or tests printed to be completed by hand

If you have additional questions about the updates to the module, head to the Help Center and send us a chat!



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