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Google Applications Curriculum Updates

Posted On: 8/1/21

When teaching Google Apps, you often face changes that Google makes to the applications (many times without warning).

While Google interfaces and menus will continue to change, we hope to take that frustration off of your shoulders as much as possible.

With this release, we updated the media and instructions within the Google Applications curriculum to reflect changes to Google features, menu layouts, and user interface stylings. 

You’ll also find added clarity for concepts that you reported students found confusing.

The modules that were updated as part of the release are:google-applications-curriculum-updates-1

  • Getting Started with Google
  • Google Docs 1: Essentials
  • Google Docs 2: Fundamentals
  • Google Sheets 1: Essentials
  • Google Sheets 2: Fundamentals
  • Google Slides 1: Essentials
  • Google Slides 2: Fundamentals
  • Google Collaboration
  • Google Forms

What Do Teachers Need to Do?

The Google Applications modules were automatically updated, so if you already have classes with them included, you are ready to go!

If you downloaded or printed any materials from the Google Applications curriculum before August 1, 2021, you may need to redownload them. This includes:

  • Teacher presentations
  • Lesson transcripts
  • Printed worksheets and sample answers
  • Quizzes or tests printed to be completed by hand

Note: Even after this release, your students may encounter differences between the new images and what they see in the applications due to additional changes Google makes. You may need to give your students a heads up about potential differences; however, they will still be able to complete the eLearning lessons as written.


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