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Marketing Module Updates

Posted On: 8/1/21

Marketing strategies continue to evolve as consumer behavior and technology change, and your curriculum should keep up! This year we took a fresh look at the Marketing module and have updated and expanded on multiple areas.

What Changed in the Marketing Module?

There are three main changes you and your students will see with this release:

  • Updates to the Logo Identification Explore activity
  • A brand new unit on Content Marketing
  • Updated questions in the Reflect activity

In addition, you'll find updated images throughout the eLearning lessons to modernize the content and provide more relevant examples to your students.

Updates to the Logo Identification Explore Activity

When teaching marketing, keeping your curriculum current and relevant to your students is key to holding their interest.

To better connect with your students, the logos in the student form for the Logo Identification exploration activity were updated to reflect images more familiar to your students.


A New Unit on Content Marketing

The most exciting change you’ll find with this release is the addition of Unit 4: Content Marketing.

This new unit helps students understand how using content such as social media, blogs, podcasts, videos, and infographics can play a key role in marketing plans. 

marketing-unit-content-marketingSpecifically, students are introduced to the concepts of content marketing, including how to identify and reach a target audience, how to create an avatar, platforms for content marketing, and how to measure content marketing strategies.

The new Content Marketing unit includes three lessons:

  1. What is Content Marketing?
  2. Your Target Audience
  3. Create, Distribute, and Measure Your Content

You’ll also see a new quiz to go with the unit and additional questions in the module test to reflect the new content.

Overall the new Content Marketing unit adds 1.5 learning hours to the Marketing module, and the structure of the Learn & Practice phase has changed as shown below:


Updated Questions in the Reflect Activity

With the addition of the new Content Marketing unit, you’ll find the questions in the Reflection Questions and Discussion lesson plan were updated to include student experiences with content marketing.

What Do Teachers Need to Do?

The Marketing module was automatically updated to reflect the changes listed above. If you already have a class with the Marketing module included, it has already been updated for you.

If you downloaded or printed any materials from the module before August 1, 2021, you may need to redownload them. This includes:

  • The Explore activity student resources
  • The Reflect activity lesson plan
  • Quizzes or tests printed to be completed by hand

If you have additional questions about the updates to the module, head to the Help Center and send us a chat!


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