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Posted On: 1/30/22

New Anatomy and Physiology Curriculum Expansion

Based on suggestions and insights from teachers like you, we’ve expanded HealthCenter21 to include a complete Anatomy and Physiology curriculum to better meet your needs!

On this page, you’ll find answers to your biggest questions about the new Anatomy and Physiology curriculum:

  • What’s included in the new AES A&P curriculum?
  • How is the new curriculum different from the old A&P module?
  • How can I review the new curriculum?
  • What’s the best way to incorporate the new content in my classes?

What’s Included in the New AES A&P Curriculum?

The AES Anatomy and Physiology curriculum covers the foundational concepts and terminology related to each body system's structure, function, diseases, and disorders. It also includes an overview of how organs and body systems work together to support a healthy human body.

These topics are taught across 13 learning modules:

  1. A&P - Intro
  2. A&P - Integumentary System
  3. A&P - Skeletal System
  4. A&P - Muscular System
  5. A&P - Nervous System
  6. A&P - Sensory System
  7. A&P - Cardiovascular System
  8. A&P - Lymphatic System
  9. A&P - Respiratory System
  10. A&P - Digestive System
  11. A&P - Urinary System
  12. A&P - Endocrine System
  13. A&P - Reproductive System

Overall, these modules provide more than 200 hours of content across activities, interactive lessons, projects, and assessments.

That means when you teach Anatomy and Physiology, AES can be your core curriculum and help you meet your standards!

How Is the New Curriculum Different from the Old A&P Module?

If you’ve used the individual Anatomy and Physiology module in the past, you may be wondering how these new modules are different from the legacy content.

There are many exciting improvements you’ll find in the new AES Anatomy and Physiology curriculum, including:

  1. A new Learn & Practice eLearning lesson design
  2. Updated imagery and interactive media
  3. Additional unit and module assessment questions
  4. New four-phase activities for each body system
  5. Module and lesson glossaries for your students

You'll find an overview of each one below.

1. A New Learn & Practice Lesson Design


With this expansion, the student-led eLearning lessons feature a more modern look and feel. These design changes include a new lesson structure and new visual layouts for each lesson.

These design updates will make it easier for your students to read and understand the information presented on the screen.

2. Updated Imagery and Interactive Media


Within the lessons, your students will notice that the medical illustrations and graphics in the A&P curriculum are modernized.

During development, the media team focused on adding graphics to enhance the content and increase student understanding. Specifically, you’ll see:

  • Medical illustrations are carefully labeled in time with the narration to keep students focused.
  • Consistent, clean layouts and graphic organizers further support understanding and retention.
  • Each interactive piece of the media has a structure that breaks up information density and encourages student engagement.

3. New Unit and Module Assessment Questions

Splitting each body system into its own module requires adjustments to the assessments and questions for anatomy and physiology. As a result, we reviewed all of our questions to update them as necessary and added new questions where needed. 

These changes will provide a fresh pool of questions to assess your students’ knowledge and understanding of the material.

4. New Four-Phase Activities for Each Body System

A&P is a complex topic that requires many opportunities for students to review and practice with the content to understand it fully. To provide those opportunities and assist with knowledge retention, we have added new activities to each module’s Explore and Reinforce phases

In the Explore phase, you’ll find fun trivia questions to motivate students to engage with the content. An example from the Sensory System module is: “Did you know the five traditional senses are derived from a philosopher? Want to know which one? You'll find out in this module.”

In the Reinforce phase, you’ll find a careers research project, a diseases and disorders research project, a crossword puzzle, and an advanced treatment research project. 

These additions give you flexibility and options to tailor your reinforcement for each body system.

5. Module and Lesson Glossaries for Your Students

Axons, dendrites, and synapses, Oh My! Anatomy and Physiology has a lot of terminologies to remember and understand. 

In the Anatomy and Physiology Curriculum, each eLearning lesson includes a glossary of terms to assist your students’ learning. 

As students go through the lessons, they can reference this glossary anytime they want to know more about a particular term.

In addition, each module includes a downloadable version of the glossary for you to print out for students.

Students can fold the document to view the words on one side and the definitions on the other side. These printouts can be excellent study aides throughout your entire course!

How Can I Review the New Curriculum?

Ready to dive in and see what’s included in the new modules?

Follow these easy steps to look at the new A&P modules at your own pace:

  1. Sign in to your AES account at 
  2. Click the Catalog tab in the top right corner of the screen.
  3. In the left-hand menu, click Health Science, then Anatomy and Physiology.

Here you’ll see the complete list of new A&P modules to look through, along with the Anatomy and Physiology Course Guide.

You can revisit these modules from the Catalog any time you’re interested in learning more about the materials. (This is especially useful when planning for next school year!)


What's the Best Way to Incorporate the New Content In My Classes?

Are you excited about the new curriculum and looking for guidance on how to get started?

In this article, you’ll find recommendations to implement the A&P curriculum based on common scenarios we’ve heard from teachers like you:

  • I just want to see what’s there. How can I review the new curriculum?
  • I want to use some of the new activities but don’t want to change what my students see.
  • I’d like to try out one of the new A&P modules with my students as a start.
  • I’m ready to fully transition to the new A&P curriculum.

Discover How to Introduce the New A&P Curriculum to Your Students

Ready to use the new curriculum in your semester-long or year-long Anatomy and Physiology course? Click here to get your pacing guides!

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