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Posted On: 7/16/2022

Custom Exam Tool Updates

Assessments are essential to evaluating student comprehension of the material and the Create an Exam feature is a flexible assessment tool that teachers use in a variety of ways. 

Based on feedback from teachers like you, we made three exciting improvements to the Custom Exam Tool:

  1. Better clarity and visibility within your question bank
  2. New question types to choose from when creating custom questions
  3. An improved editing experience in the Custom Question Editor

1. Better Clarity and Visibility within Your Question Bank

In the updated Custom Exam Tool, when creating a new Generated Assessment you will now see the number of questions available for each module in your class. 

In addition, each question you add will be labeled with the module and unit it came from and you can sort down to the unit level to easily add the questions for topics you want to cover.


2. New Question Types for Creating Custom Questions


One of the most common requests we heard from teachers was the need for more variety in question types. 

In the new Custom Question Editor you’ll now find five types of questions:

  • Standard Multiple Choice
  • Multiple Choice with Multiple Response
  • True or False
  • Fill in the Blank
  • Classify, Match, & Order

These question types will allow you to write questions that have more than one correct answer, challenge students to type in answers, have students label images, and match items that belong together.

Learn More: How to Create Custom Exam Questions

3. Improvements to the Question Editing Experience

improved-custom-question-editorThe new Custom Question Editor also offers you an improved editing experience when creating or changing custom questions for an exam. With these updates, you can:

  • Quickly make changes, get help, and preview your questions
  • Drag answers to change the order instead of retyping
  • Add as many answer choices as you need

In addition, any edited question will be labeled as a “custom question” to make it easier for you to identify them when looking at your exams.

We're excited to provide you with this new flexibility in creating your exams and can’t wait to see how you use it!

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