Under Development: Microsoft Office 2021 Curriculum

Posted On: 1/7/21

Every few years, Microsoft releases a new version of its office software suite, which means your curriculum needs to keep up.

In February 2022, AES will release new curriculum for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, and Publisher to reflect Microsoft Office 2021!

How Is the Office 2021 Curriculum Different from Previous Versions?

With the Office 2021 curriculum you will notice a name change to the modules:

  • “Essentials” modules are being renamed to “Introduction”
  • “Fundamentals” modules are being renamed to “Applications”

The Introduction modules will provide overviews of how to use the basic functions of Office 2021. In the Applications modules, students put their learning to work by applying the lessons from the Introduction modules.

In the Office 2021 curriculum, you’ll also find:

  • Updated visuals, logos, graphic elements, and functions
  • New scenarios to help students make the connection of using Office in professional settings
  • More lesson content to better align with standards and MOS Certifications

Note: The new modules won’t replace any existing curriculum in your classes. As always, you can choose what curriculum you use based on the version of Office your students have access to!

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