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Posted On: 7/16/2022

Student Interface Updates

Your students have been accessing AES on their phones and tablets more than ever before. Some students do their work in class, some complete lessons at home, and others review AES on the bus as they head to school in the morning.

Based on these stories from teachers like you, we made some updates to the student interface!

What Changes Will Students In the New AES Interface?

The updated student user interface will greatly improve the mobile experience for your students while providing a more modern feel and better functionality. This update is primarily visual and will not introduce new features to your students.

Here you’ll see examples of what the visual changes will look like for your students in the updated interface:



What Do I Need to Do to Enable the New Student Interface?

All of your classes have been automatically moved to the new student interface, so there's no work needed on your end. If you have any further questions about the changes, head to the Help Center and send us a chat.

We’re excited to provide your students with a modern, mobile friendly interface so they can access your curriculum in the way that works best for them!

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