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Posted On: 7/9/2022

Bloodborne Pathogens Module Updates

Students are constantly growing and changing, and to keep up with them, your curriculum will have to grow and change, as well. That’s why we made updates to our Bloodborne Pathogens module in order to make it more engaging and relevant to how your students learn. 

What Changed in the Bloodborne Pathogens Module?


There are several changes you and your students will see with this release. Across the module, we made media updates to:

  • Deliver a more modern visual experience with updated graphics in eLearning lessons and teacher presentations
  • Provide page titles, page numbers, and worksheet markers
  • Correct typos
  • Make the student curriculum more mobile-friendly
  • Ensure Unit 3, Lesson 1 is more accurate by updating the map and content to reflect the current number of states with OSHA-approved state plans

Altogether, these changes will provide students the chance to better engage with their course material by making it more organized. 

What Do Teachers Need to Do to Use the Updated Curriculum?

If you already have a class with the Bloodborne Pathogens module included, it has automatically been updated for you. 

If you downloaded or printed any materials from the module before July 9th, you will need to redownload them to get their latest versions. This includes:

  • Sample answers
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Worksheets
  • And more

Any custom exams created with the previous version of the Bloodborne Pathogens module may include questions that no longer align with the curriculum content. We recommend you review any current custom exams and either remove the outdated questions or create a new exam

If you have questions about the updates to the module, head to the Help Center and send us a chat!

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