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Posted On: 7/9/2022

New Customer Service in Healthcare Module

Over time, the role of the healthcare provider has expanded and changed. Not only do medical professionals need to offer excellent care, but they also must do so with empathy and understanding.

We created the new Customer Service in Healthcare module to help students navigate the responsibilities and challenges of providing excellent service specific to the healthcare industry.

What’s Included in the Customer Service in Healthcare Module?

customer-service-healthcare-lessonThe Customer Service in Healthcare module introduces students to fundamental customer service skills and guides them through the patient’s experience with a healthcare provider.

In the Explore phase, you’ll find four activities to help introduce students to customer service concepts.  This includes two simulations that allow students to explore customer service issues and experience the results of decisions they make.

For the Learn & Practice phase, students progress through four units covering customer service concepts relevant to healthcare workers:

  1. Introduction to Customer Service
  2. Customer Service Skills
  3. Customer Service Representative
  4. The Patient’s Journey

During the Reflect phase, students review the material they’ve learned through reflection questions and a class discussion.

Finally, the Reinforce phase includes seven projects and activities to solidify each customer service concept. Each activity aligns with a  unit in the Learn & Practice phase.

The module concludes with a summative assessment.

To see the details of the activities and lessons, view the Customer Service in Healthcare catalog page.

How Can I Add the Customer Service in Healthcare Module to My Classes?

You can find the Customer Service in Healthcare module in the Health Care Foundations and Health Career Readiness sections of the curriculum.

If you previously used the old Customer Service module in any of your classes, you’ll need to replace it with this new, health science-specific module.

To add the module to your classes, read the article that’s most relevant to your situation:

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