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Posted On: 7/9/2022

Professionalism Module Updates

With all the new ways both organizations and individuals can express diversity in the workplace, the way professionalism is perceived has rapidly evolved. To keep pace with these changes in the working world, your curriculum also has to change. That’s why we overhauled our Professionalism module to reflect new priorities in professional style, presence, ethics, integrity, and more. 

What's Included in the Revamped Professionalism Module?professionalism-lesson-update

In the revamped Professionalism module, students gain an overview of professionalism, including appearances, personal characteristics, and traits belonging to successful employees in the workplace. 

In total, this module contains 10 hours of content spread across:

  • 1 exploration activity
  • 8 eLearning lessons
  • 4 unit quizzes
  • 1 reflection activity
  • 3 reinforce activities
  • 1 module test

To see the details of these activities and lessons, view the Professionalism module page. 

How Is the Updated Professionalism Module Different from the Previous Version?

There are several main changes you and your students will see with this release. Across the module, we made improvements to: 

  • Increase content around professional conduct
  • Update guidance around keeping a professional appearance
  • Add material on the executive function and mental process necessary for a professional environment
  • Update guidance on organizational skills and tools

Altogether, these changes will provide students with a more modern perspective on professionalism in order to better prepare them for the workplace. 

In addition to these changes, we’ve also significantly revamped much of the content within the module, particularly the material within the Learn & Practice units: 


What Do Teachers Need to Do to Use the Updated Curriculum?

The Professionalism module has been automatically updated for you. If you used this module previously, we recommend you dive into the revamped version to see what’s new. 

If you downloaded or printed any materials from the module before July 9, 2022, you should redownload them to get their latest versions. This may include:

  • Lesson plans
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Worksheets
  • And more

Any custom exams created with the previous version of the Professionalism module may include questions that no longer align with the curriculum content. We recommend you review any current custom exams and either remove the outdated questions or create a new exam

If you have questions about the updates to the module, head to the Help Center and send us a chat!

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