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The AES Curriculum Roadmap

Discover what curriculum will be coming to your students next

Under Development

We're actively working on these items and they will be scheduled for release upon completion.


These items are up next and will move into development as other projects are released.



We're conducting research to determine how we'll approach these items. Based on our findings, these items are subject to change.

Medical Terminology Expansion


Based on your requests we are working to revamp the Medical Terminology module. The changes will include expanded content, more coverage, and a completely new look and feel. Have ideas or requests? Share them with us!


New Genetics Module


We are researching a new module covering topics in the field of genetics. This module would further increase standards coverage in key health science courses.


Digital Responsibility Updates


We're evaluating the Digital Responsibility module against current standards and practices. We are considering how contemporary students use and experience the digital world.


EHR Simulation Module Additions


We're researching new lessons that may be added to the EHR Simulation module. If you have ideas or requests, send them our way!